Hi! I’m Ibukun Damilola.

I’m the owner of Blacksoaphaven. I’m a self-taught cosmetician with a passion for African Black Soap.

I started Blacksoaphaven with the idea of helping people interested in African black soap like yourself, by offering tons of African black soap tips, recommendations, and DIY guides.

If you are once like me struggling to pick or choose the right African black soap for your skin type, I’m here to help you resolve that quickly.

Spend some time on my blog looking through the article I’ve written because I’ve got you covered!

I promise to do my best to:

  • Review different African black soap products.
  • Recommend quality African black soap products.
  • Share helpful African black soap tips
  • Teach you several DIY methods to make African black soap at home.
  • Share the negative and positive effects of using an African black soap.

I love testing different African black soap and sharing my experience with people who share the same passion I have for Black soap or skin care.

If there is anything you need, I’ll be happy to help if I can. Contact me here.