Top 15 Best Black Soap Dispensers Of 2023

best black soap dispensers

Many people have soap dispensers in their home with unusual colors, but unlike us, we prefer black soap dispensers specifically because it appeals to us.

Many soap dispensers in the world are great like the famous gojo soap dispenser, but I compiled all the black dispensers together to help you make easy and quick choices.

I went as far as to show you the best of everything black and explain their strengths and weaknesses to tell you which would be best for you.

Although, you may want to consider checking what exactly you should look for in a soap dispenser rather than just doing guesswork.

Our Top Pick

Best Matte Black: Yew Design Matte Black Soap Dispenser
Has open of the best design and matte black finish for a dispenser.

Best Automatic: Secura Premium Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser
A sensitive dispenser that has enough room for liquid soap and runs on rechargeable battery.

Best Wood: MIHIRO Hand Pump Soap Dispenser Wood
A wooden dispenser made completely out of walnut.

Best Modern: Zegeon Matte Black Soap Dispenser
A 10oz modern dispenser made of stainless steel.

Best Pump: GAGALIFE Built in Sink Soap Dispenser
A very durable and reliable pump for your kitchen sink.

Best Glass: MaisoNovo Glass Soap Dispenser
Rounded body design made from glass with a quality black pump on top of it.

Best For Kitchen Sink: Matte Black Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser GAPPO Countertop
Perfect dispenser to make any kitchen or bathroom look elegant.

Best For Bathroom: Yew Design Black Soap Dispenser for Bathroom
A durable dispenser with enough capacity to hold liquid soap.

Best For Shower: KUSVADO Glass Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted
It comes with tool for mounting the dispenser on your kitchen or bathroom wall.

Best Mason Jar: Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
Very easy to open and easy to refill.

Best Hand: Black Soap Dispenser 8oz Glass Soap Dispenser with Metal Pump
A portable hand pump that can fit inside any bag.

Best Foam: Amazon Basics Foaming Soap Pump Dispenser
An alien design that dispense the right foaming consistency.

Best Black And White: White Glass Mason Jar Dish Soap Dispenser
A simple dispenser with a white and black color that will get the job done.

Best Black And Gold: EssentraHome Matte Black Liquid Soap Dispenser
Finest black and gold dispenser that is always captivating to the eye.

Black Marble: Leetcp Soap Dispenser For Bathroom And Kitchen
A dispenser that looks luxurious with detailed marbling design.

What Are the Best Black Soap Dispensers?

We’ve picked fifteen of the best black soap dispensers that you can use.

1. Yew Design Matte Black Soap Dispenser

Best Matte

[amazon box=” B08BJ3FQDP” grid=”1″]

Size: 10 x 6.65 x 3.74 inches | Material: Resin | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 15oz

This matte black soap dispenser features the Yew design, which boldens the modern design, making it suitable for your kitchen and bathroom.

The pump on this matte black soap dispenser isn’t sticky at all and doesn’t get stuck on either side, which makes it very easy to press with your hand.

The body design makes it easy to open the dispenser with a simple twist whenever you refill it with liquid soap.

It comes with an excellent resin material and has a capacity of 15oz, which is enough for an average individual.

2. Secura Premium Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Best Automatic

[amazon box=” B078XDFDPY” grid=”1″]

Size: 6 x 3.3 x 8.7 inches | Material: Plastic | Pump: Automatic | Capacity: 17oz

The Secura premium touchless soap dispenser is an automated dispenser that is water-resistant and operated with a battery to make it function at all times.

It has a good button for controlling its power and soap level that should be dispensed. The overall design is attractive and comes with a unique quality plastic material to beautify wherever it’s being mounted.

It is up to you to decide whether to place it on a flat surface or mount it on a wall. The sensor on this soap dispenser uses infrared, which can detect your hand within a 2.75-inch distance.

With a 17oz capacity, you can expect it to keep a large amount of soap which means you won’t have to worry about refilling frequently.

3. MIHIRO Hand Pump Soap Dispenser Wood

Best Wood

[amazon box=” B09HL1KJNR” grid=”1″]

Size: 2.75 x 2.75 x 5.13 inches | Material: Walnut | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 5oz

The MIHIRO hand pump is a manual soap dispenser that was made from premium materials such as American black walnut and natural wood grain. You won’t have to worry about any leak or rust with this material because of its premium wood finish.

It looks luxurious in your kitchen or bathroom and can withstand the impact when it drops to the floor if you have kids around.

The capacity of this hand pump is 5oz which should hold enough liquid soap for your daily use. Overall, the design is excellent and captivating to the eye because it is made of solid walnut.

4. Zegeon Matte Black Soap Dispenser

Best Modern

[amazon box=” B083D3FBZX” grid=”1″]

Size: 2.36 x 2.36 x 7.48 inches| Material: Stainless Steel | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 10oz

The Zegeon matte stands out due to the stylish stainless steel that makes it durable, reliable, and prevents all kinds of rust. It can be used as a multipurpose soap dispenser whereby you can decide to add any soap to it, such as dish soap, liquid detergent, lotion, and more.

It’s pretty easy to clean regardless of the stainless steel material, which makes it even easier to open when there is a need for a refill.

In a messy situation after a long period of use, it is very easy to clean using simple techniques like wiping it with a rag or rinsing with warm water.

Overall, the Zegeon matte feels brand new all the time due to the stainless steel material after cleaning.

5. GAGALIFE Built in Sink Soap Dispenser

Best Pump

[amazon box=” B07HY99R71″ grid=”1″]

Size: 8 x 5 x 3 inches| Material: Plastic| Pump: Manual | Capacity: 13oz

The GAGALIFE comes in different colors to pick from and is a built-in dispenser for a sink. It has a modern design which would make your kitchen look suitable, stylish and modern.

It is straightforward to use because it works manually and comes along with a 13oz bottle to carry the liquid soap. You can either refill it with detergent, liquid soap, or lotions to use in your bathroom or kitchen.

With a quality plastic material that can handle multiple presses daily, you can expect this pump to serve its purpose.

In terms of beauty, the stylish design of the GAGALIFE will make any kitchen or bathroom sink look elegant.

6. MaisoNovo Glass Soap Dispenser

Best Glass

[amazon box=” B097MXSKTX” grid=”1″]

Size: 7.8 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches | Material: BPA Free, Mercury Free | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 16oz

MaisoNovo soap dispensers come in different colors, but their black glass stands out. It comes in 2 sets of dispensers with a handmade soap tray and waterproof labels.

The pumps on the amber glass bottles are metallic and black, which has an excellent feel. It fits great in either a kitchen or bathroom and can be placed on a flat surface.

It isn’t the best product around kids because it’s made of glass and has a higher chance of getting broken when dropped to the floor.

The design of this black soap dispenser will make your kitchen and bathroom have a modern look and feel.

7. Matte Black Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser GAPPO Countertop

Best For Kitchen Sink

[amazon box=” B07VDQ9ZN2″ grid=”1″]

Size: 8.9 x 5.2 x 2.8 inches | Material: Stainless Steel | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 17oz

The GAPPO matte black soap dispenser is excellent for your kitchen sink as It is used along with a 17oz bottle filled with either a hand soap, dish soap, detergent, or any other liquid soap.

It is made entirely of stainless steel, providing reliability and durability after long-term use.

The installation process doesn’t take much time as it only requires a spare hole in your kitchen sink, and then you screw the dispenser together. With this type of installation, you can expect not to see any leakage over a long time.

You can rotate this dispenser at a 360 angle which comes in handy when doing the dishes. Although it may appear like an automatic soap dispenser, it is a manual soap dispenser that requires a simple push down before it dispenses soap.

8. Yew Design Black Soap Dispenser for Bathroom

Best For Bathroom

[amazon box=” B09236JVSK” grid=”1″]

Size: 7.52 x 3.5 x 3.31 inches | Material: Polyresin | Pump: | Capacity: 14oz

For your bathroom and kitchen, the stylish design from Yew will make it look more modernized and cool. It has a scratch-proof cube design that enables you to have more grip and not be left in the presence of children.

The design is sleek, and the matte black color makes it stand out to look more elegant. Pressing the pump is easy and requires little effort due to the technology used that prevents the pump from clogging.

Yew made sure it was easy to do when opening the pump as it requires no unique technique, which is achievable in a simple twist. This makes the refill process easy, whereby you have the option to pour in whatever liquid soap you want to use in either your bathroom or kitchen.

9. KUSVADO Glass Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted

Best For Shower

[amazon box=” B091M7YKJ4″ grid=”1″]

Size: 3.2 x 3.1 x 9 inches | Material: Stainless Steel | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 18oz

The KUSVADO is a type of black soap dispenser that has a unique way that is being mounted on the wall. The body of this dispenser is solid glass with stainless steel as a pump.

What its being mounted on is also a stainless steel which is solid enough to keep the dispenser from falling after a successful installation.

The installation process is easy as it requires a few screws to mount on a wall. You can choose to mount it on your bathroom wall or kitchen wall, and either way, both are excellent locations for it to be used.

The design and style of the KUSVADO dispenser is sleek and look elegant due to the solid black glass it is made up with.

10. Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Best Mason Jar

[amazon box=” B06XWHMP9Q” grid=”1″]

Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches | Material: Stainless Steel | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 16oz

Jarmazing products create simple but yet attractive soap dispensers for their users. This dispenser uses a transparent glass as its design, which enables a see-through and reveals the liquid soap color for beauty.

The pump used on this transparent glass dispenser is metal which means it is durable and has more chances of lasting longer.

You have the options to pour in any liquid soap you choose using a small funnel for accuracy.

With this soap dispenser in your kitchen counter or bathroom, it will bring out beauty in a unique way.

To open this mason jar is easy as it requires you to twist and turn the circular section like you would on any random jar.

11. Black Soap Dispenser 8oz Glass Soap Dispenser with Metal Pump

Best Hand

[amazon box=” B073V6NT8M” grid=”1″]

Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x 7 inches | Material: Glass and Metal | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 8oz

This black soap dispenser meets all the beauty requirements for a soap dispenser. It is a portable handheld dispenser that can be used as a hand sanitizer and kept in your bag.

It looks incredibly gorgeous with its black glass design and metallic pump. The pump itself is metal which means it will last for a long time while avoiding rust.

The capacity it offers is 8oz, perfect for a simple hand soap dispenser. Holding the bottle feels great and isn’t slippery, giving you a more firm grip to prevent it from falling.

It should stay far from kids as it is a breakable product due to its glass.

12. Amazon Basics Foaming Soap Pump Dispenser

Best Foam

[amazon box=” B07FFSKHK4″ grid=”1″]

Size: 3.88 x 3.75 x 6 inches | Material: Rubber| Pump: Manual | Capacity: 13oz

This black soap dispenser has an excellent foaming constituency for an affordable price. It may look like it works automatically, but it is manual hand push soap.

To get it working, you make sure it’s already filled with liquid soap, and then you push the top of it down to release foam. The design looks alien, which would beautify a kitchen or bathroom that looks modern.

Opening the dispenser can be tricky, but once you spend some time-twisting here and there, you will figure it out.

The overall feel of this dispenser is rubbery, which helps with a proper grip to prevent it from falling. It has a clear glass design where the soap is stored, which can help you see the level of your soap.

13. White Glass Mason Jar Dish Soap Dispenser

Best Black And White

[amazon box=” B093KHW786″ grid=”1″]

Size: 6.02 x 3.62 x 3.54 inches | Material: Glass| Pump: Manual | Capacity: 16oz

This pump comes with white glass and a black plastic pump. The white glass gives a milky look to beautify the dispenser, while the plastic pump on top of it provides a simple but yet classic look.

It was made easy to open without any special technique, which means that anyone can open it with just a simple twist like you are opening a pickle jar.

It offers a 16oz capacity of liquid soap, which is the standard for kitchen and bathroom. The overall design is average, but many people would like its classic and straightforward design.

The white and black dispenser wasn’t designed to be mounted on the wall but to be placed on any flat surface, preferably in your kitchen or bathroom.

This is an excellent product for people looking for something simple that costs less and requires less effort to refill.

14. EssentraHome Matte Black Liquid Soap Dispenser

Best Black and Gold

[amazon box=” B07H74SZXQ” grid=”1″]

Size: 8.31 x 3.23 x 3.11 inches | Material: Resin | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 10oz

White and gold is not many people’s favorite, but it is for some people, especially when manufactured by EssentraHome, known for its quality product.

The white and gold design is beautiful and will give you a luxurious feel while using it in your preferred location.

Due to its 10oz capacity, it can be kept in a bag and carried around as hand sanitizer or used in either a kitchen or bathroom. Whichever choice you make is the right choice as it looks great everywhere.

The bottom of this dispenser is flat, meaning it is meant to be placed on a flat surface. You can also decide to mount on a wall, but you will have to purchase a soap dispenser wall mount separately.

The pump itself is golden in color and sleek, keeping it smooth and shiny for a long time.

15. Leetcp Soap Dispenser For Bathroom And Kitchen

Best Marble

[amazon box=”B08BYH9CHM” grid=”1″]

Size: 8.74 x 3.74 x 3.54 inches | Material: Resin | Pump: Manual | Capacity: 17oz

The Leetcp soap dispenser stands out as one of the best black marble dispensers you would find in the market as it displays an exquisite design that is drawn to the eye.

You can use it however you like, meaning that you can use it with dish soap, detergent, liquid soap or hand sanitizer. The pump looks excellent with a stainless steel design as it won’t result in any form of rust.

The pump is simple to use and candle multiple pushes consistently. It was designed to be placed in a kitchen or bathroom because of its marble design.

To refill this marble dispenser is easy, and all you need to do is rotate the pump multiple times until it completely opens.

Although it can be slippery, it feels great in hand, so it should not be carried about but left in a particular location.

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