Dove Soap Vs. Dove Chocolate

Dove Soap Vs. Dove Chocolate

Today, we will take a look at the differences between Dove soap and Dove chocolate because many people are confused concerning the two of them.

Serval people are interested in knowing if a single Dove company manufactures both the soap and chocolate or is managed by separate companies.

When researching online, you will notice that it is actually tricky to be able to determine if Dove is a single company that produces both chocolate and soap or two different companies where one makes soap, and the other Dove company produces chocolates.

This reason led me to a thorough investigation to know if two Dove companies are making different products or a single company is making diverse products.

In this article, I will share exactly what you need to know about Dove company, its products, and the date of establishment.

Does Dove Make Chocolate And Soap?

Dove doesn’t make both chocolate and soap because two existing Dove companies makes different types of products.

These two companies are Dove soap and Dove chocolate, and they have their own unique products that they offer to their consumers.

So let us take a look at them one after the other, shall we?

Dove soap is a personal care brand from America. It is owned by Unilever who is a British multinational consumer good company.

Dove soap is being manufactured worldwide, and the product is sold to more than 150 countries. It is a product offered to all types of people such as men, women, and babies.

Their product is all about beauty and to be used on the body and not to consume through the mouth.

Dove chocolate on the other hand, is owned by Mars Incorporated, which focuses primarily on producing chocolates which are consumable through the mouth.

It is also an American brand that produces different kinds of chocolate candies and chocolate products such as mil, chocolate bars, ice cream, and many more.

In other countries like the Middle East, UK, Ireland, and India, Dove chocolate is also known as Galaxy. So you shouldn’t get confused when you hear the word Galaxy relating to chocolates.

In short, the soap is manufactured by Dove soap while the chocolate is manufactured by Dove chocolate which are two separate companies that produce their own unique product.

Are Dove Soap And Dove Chocolate The Same Company?

Dove soap and Dove chocolate are not the same company because Dove soap is owned by Unilever while Dove chocolate is owned by Mars Incorporated.

Both Unilever and Mars Incorporated are two different companies that offer seperate unique products to consumers.

Dove soap is related to all kinds of soap such as body wash, creams, and many more. So, if you get asked a question, “Is Dove Chocolate The Same Company As Dove Body Wash?” you should see no that the answer is no.

Dove body wash is in line with Dove soap as it is the same company and separate from Dove chocolate.

You don’t expect a company that produces chocolate meant to be consumed through the mouth to also produce beauty products intended for the body. Both lines of products don’t go together.

Dove chocolate makes dairy products for consumers to consume with their mouths because that is their focus.

But Dove chocolate company on the other hand, Dove chocolate company is focused on beauty appearance to help the consumer maintain and keep their skin in good health.


Since we have established how both the Dove soap and Dove chocolate are two different companies producing various products, lets dive in deeper to learn more about their manufactures and owners.

Let us begin with Dove soap:

Who Makes Dove Soap?

Dove soap is made and owned by Unilever. It is an American personal care brand that produces beauty products for consumers.

Unilever is a top-rated company across the world, with their headquarters in London. The produced products such as condiments, foods, teas, cereal, and even ice cream.

Because of their vast production on goods, many people usually confuse them to make Dove chocolates because they own a Dove company.

This isn’t the case because it is a separate company that is distinguishable from Mars Incorporated, the producer of Dove chocolate.

Unilever produces a wide range of consumer goods worldwide as they are the largest producers of soap in the world.

Across the world, their products are available in over 190 countries and counting. They own over 400 brands that is specifically assigned to different products, and Dove soap is among those brands

Overall, Unilever is a more prominent company than Dove chocolate because of its influence all over the world

Who Makes Dove Chocolate?

Dove chocolate is made and owned by Mars incorporated. They are also an American company that focuses on manufacturing pet food, confectionary, and animal care service.

They aren’t as big as Unilever but they hold the 6th largest privately held company in the united states according to Forbes.

They are one of the largest food companies in the world as they operate on four business segments: Food, Mars Edge, Mars Wrigley, and Petcare.

Mars Wrigley is primarily owned by Frank Mars grandchildren, with over 130 thousand employees in 80 countries.

Now you can see that Dove chocolate is owned by Mars, incorporated, and focused more on edible produce.

Date Of Establishment

Now that we have seen some of the differences between Dove soap and Dove chocolate, let’s look at what year they came out or were invented.

Dove soap was invented on the second of September 1929 as it was the same time Unilever was founded.

Since Unilever is the owner and inventor of Dove soap, we can conclude that dove soap was also invented in 1929.

On the other hand, Dove chocolate was introduced in 1939 by Mars, incorporated in the and is still active until today.

Which Came First?

Dove soap was invented before Dove chocolate because Dove soap was introduced in 1929. Dove chocolate was introduced in 1939, showing a 10 years difference between them.

Although both of them are 10 years apart, they are both still active today among the biggest producers worldwide.


Dove soap and Dove chocolate don’t sell the same products since they are different companies. So, we will look at the kind of products they sell individually.

Dove Soap Products

Dove soap products include:

  • Skin cleansing
  • Skincare
  • Deodorants
  • Haircare
  • Dove collections

Dove Chocolate Products

Dove chocolate products include:

  • Promises
  • Bars
  • Ice cream

Does Dove Still Make Chocolate?

Dove is still making chocolate until this day, and you can find any of their products on their website or Amazon.

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