Gojo Soap Dispenser Not Working: Troubleshooting Tips

Gojo Soap Dispenser Not Working Troubleshooting Tips (1)

Gojo soap dispenser is an excellent gadget to have at home or a workplace, but it can be frustrating when it begins to malfunction or not work any longer.

To fix a Gojo dispenser that is not working, you would have to inspect closely for low batteries, empty soap bags, improper installation, or clogged areas to know precisely where the problem is coming from to address it.

Some Gojo soap dispensers are built with plastic while some can be metallic, whichever one you may own, they hardly stop working as they should.

Many people overlook the soap dispenser immediately after the have mounted it on the wall, not knowing there are some little things like the battery and soap bag that will require attention once in a while.

Although we have provided helpful tutorial on how to open a gojo soap dispenser easily, if you are currently facing issues with your soap dispenser, you might want to keep on reading to learn why it is not working, and you can fix it quickly.

Why is Gojo Soap Dispenser Not Working?

There are a couple of reasons why the Gojo soap dispenser would stop working. Although this can be rare, and you are facing this problem, these are the primary reasons why it is not working:

1. Low Battery

All Gojo soap dispensers are not designed to function with a wired connection because they are all designed to operate with batteries.

When the batteries are low, the soap dispenser will begin to show signs of poor strength in how it dispenses soap and quantity.

But when the batteries are completely dead, the Gojo soap dispenser will not work at all making it look like there are no batteries in it in the first place.

Batteries are easily overlooked in soap dispensers because many people will mount their dispensers on the wall on the first day after purchase and then forget about it.

The Gojo soap dispenser wasn’t designed to be overlooked. It was designed to replace some of its components like the battery and the gojo soap dispenser refill bag.

The battery should be the first place your mind should go when your Gojo soap dispenser isn’t working, especially when you haven’t changed the battery before.

How To Replace Gojo Soap Dispenser Battery?

All you need to resolve a low battery on your soap dispenser is to replace it with a new battery with quality.

You don’t want to buy a battery that will die after a few weeks; you want to buy a battery that will last for months.

The best batteries to use for Gojo soap dispensers are alkaline d cell batteries found on Amazon.

Simply take out the old batteries and then replace them with the new batteries to install the batteries.

2. Empty Soap Bag

Gojo soap dispenser comes with a soap refills bag where the liquid soap is stored to be able to dispense more foamy soap.

Now, after some time where the Gojo soap dispenser has been frequently used, the liquid soap in the soap refill bag should finish requiring a new soap bag.

Typically, it can take a long time before the soap inside the dispense is finished, but if you are in an office or somewhere busy, chances are the soap will finish after a short time.

And then the soap is finished, you will have to purchase a new soap refill bag to replace it with the already emptied bag.

When picking the suitable soap for your Gojo soap dispenser, you want to make sure you choose the right product compatible with the dispenser and not the wrong product.

Many Gojo soap refill bags come in colors and fragrances. Whichever you pick will be your choice, and make sure it is compatible with your Gojo dispenser.

Now, to get your dispenser working again after you have purchased a new soap refill bag, all you need to do is open the hand soap dispenser and then take out the empty soap bag and replace it with the new refill.

I have an article that shows you how to refill a Gojo soap dispenser and pick the suitable soap. Make sure you check it out.

3. Improper Installation

Another problem that can cause your Gojo soap dispenser not to work is if it was not correctly installed.

Maybe it was installed by the wrong person or someone with no installation knowledge, which is why it is not working as it should.

The installation process of the Gojo soap dispenser is not so complicated, but on the other hand, you need to apply wisdom.

If the soap dispenser is not well installed, it will not work. To get your dispenser working, you would need to install it properly.

You may begin to wonder how you can achieve this, but I’ll show you how.

Start by opening the Gojo soap dispenser, which I wrote an article on that you should check out. Once you open it, take out the refill soap bag to inspect it and then place it back into the dispenser correctly.

Another way to do this is to first disassemble the soap dispenser, and then rearrange them back correctly.

After rearranging it back together and mounting it on your wall, your soap dispenser should start working.

4. Clogged

Another issue that many people overlook in their Gojo soap dispenser is how it can get clogged fter some time.

Clogging can happen when a soap dispenser hasn’t been used for a certain period. In this kind of state, the outlet where the soap comes out can begin to grow mold, blocking it from releasing any soap.

Other types of particles can also build up in the outlet area, stopping any foam from coming out of th dispenser.

If you have not been using your Gojo soap dispenser in a while, then the chance is that you are going through a clogging issue that needs to be fixed.

To fix a clogging problem, you can disassemble your soap dispenser, separating each item and then cleaning them with antiseptic one after the other.

Another way you can clean it is to get a slim metallic object similar to a broom, and then you want to use that object to poke into the soap outlet to try to get out whatever is clogging that area.

5. Broken

Gojo soap dispensers are mostly mounted on the wall, and improper installation might cause the dispenser to fall to the ground.

It can also fall to the ground when someone is walking by and hits it mistakenly. The point is that when it falls on the floor, the impact may break something causing the Gojo dispenser to stop working.

The only way to fix a broken soap dispenser is to replace it with a new one. Fixing a broken dispenser is a 50/50 option, and the chances are that it will never be how it used to be before.

To save yourself the effort trying to fix it, simply replace it with a new one.

Gojo Soap Dispenser Blinking Or Flashing Light

Gojo designed their soap dispensers to indicate the user when it is not working through a led. This led can either blink red or green to tell you something is going on.

Led light is not built on all Gojo soap dispensers but some and if you happen to own one with a led indicator, I’m going to share with you what those blinking or flashing lights mean.

Red Light

A blinking red light on the Gojo soap dispenser indicates to the user that there is a refill issue. It could be that the refill is not installed correctly or the refill is empty.

Either of these two options would cause the red light to blink on your soap dispenser.

Some dispensers don’t come with any led to indicate light, but if you have one that does, you should resolve it.

A simple way to resolve a blinking red light on a Gojo soap dispenser is to inspect the soap refill bag closely and insert it incorrectly or replace it if it’s empty.

Green Light

Green light blinking or flashing on a Gojo soap dispenser indicates that the soap refill bag is installed correctly.

When you say a green light indicator on your soap dispenser, know that everything is fine.

So, if your dispenser was blinking red until you fixed it and now it is showing green, it means you have successfully fixed whatever problem was wrong with the dispenser.

Again, not every Gojo soap dispenser has a led to indicate light, and the majority of the dispensers that have led lights are more recent.

To summarize quickly, when you get a red light, it means something is wrong, but it means everything is fine when you get a green light.

How To Reset Gojo Soap Dispenser

If you face a situation where the Gojo soap dispenser is acting up and there isn’t really much option, you can consider resetting it.

Resetting your soap dispenser would restore its program back to its default settings which means it would get rid of an error that was stored in it.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Gojo soap dispenser.
  2. Identify the reset button located inside the dispenser.
  3. Get a paper clip.
  4. Use the paper clip to press the reset button.
  5. The led will blink, indicating a successful reset.

Final Thoughts

I believe

I believe you now know how to troubleshoot your Gojo soap dispenser when it is not working. The pieces of information I provided help you understand where the problems are coming from and what you can do to fix them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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