Gojo Soap Dispenser Refills: Thing to know in 2023

Gojo Soap Dispenser Refills

Gojo soap dispenser refills aren’t designed to last forever because it contains a certain amount of liquid soap that decrease after a period of frequent use.

When the refill inside any Gojo dispenser is about to finish, you will notice it won’t dispense the right amount of soap anymore.

The same goes for anyone facing a situation whereby their refills inside their Gojo gadgets have seen completely emptied, and in such a situation, the dispenser won’t dispense anything at all.

If you are currently facing any of these situations, you may have many questions running through your mind that need answers.

Questions like how you can open your Gojo soap dispenser, how to refill, what soap refill you should use, which Gojo soap refill foams, and if you can use any soap with your dispenser.

All these common questions are what I will be answering in this article, making sure that you are guided and given the right instructions on dealing with your soap refills.

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What Is Gojo Soap Dispenser Refill?

Gojo soap dispenser refills are liquid hand soap packaged in container bags to be used and replaced with an actual soap dispenser.

These refills are to be replaced when the previously used soap refills are emptied. Gojo soap dispenser refill can come in a plastic bag or a container depending on the dispenser.

All Gojo soap refills aren’t the same because they vary in quality, colors, and functions.

Some refills dispense more foams than others which many people prefer. Some also include fragrance which enables the liquid soap to smell good.

Other Gojo soap dispenser refills can be luxurious because they combine everything needed in a soap refill, offering more satisfaction and protection.

When Does Gojo Soap Dispenser Need A Refill?

It can be very easy to spot when you need to refill a Gojo soap dispenser, especially if you use one at home. But if the soap dispenser is used in a busy place like an office, it may not be monitored that much.

When nobody is monitoring the level of the soap refill, the chances are that it may finish at the wrong time, leaving the office without a liquid hand soap for a couple of hours or days.

This means that no one will be able to clean or wash their hands until all the Gojo soap dispensers are replaced.

The moment you begin to notice that your Gojo dispenser isn’t properly dispensing anymore, you have got yourself a good indication to know that it is time for a new replacement.

Also, some automatic Gojo dispensers might blink a red light to indicate that the dispenser is low on liquid soap and needs to be replaced.

Can Gojo Soap Dispenser Be Refilled?

A Gojo soap dispenser can be refilled at any point when a refill is low on liquid soap and needs replacement.

All Gojo dispensers aren’t built to be refilled. When you purchase a new Gojo dispenser, it doesn’t come along with a refill which indicates that you would need to purchase a liquid refill frequently whenever needed for replacement.

Anyone can replace the dispenser refill with little to no experience because it doesn’t require any special skill set.

So, whenever you notice that your Gojo soap dispenser refill is almost out of soap, you can always purchase a refill from a recommended store and then refill your dispenser.

What Gojo Soap Dispenser Refill Should You Use?

The refill you should use for your Gojo soap dispenser should be identical to the refill that came along with the dispenser.

Understandably, people can get confused on what refill to use because they have no idea how to get a replacement, not even mentioning the type of dispenser to get.

You always need to have at the back of your mind when considering getting a new refill for your dispenser is to know that not all refill bags are compatible with any Gojo soap dispenser.

You would need to know the model of your Gojo soap dispenser first and then search for it on amazon with this search phrase.

Let’s assume the model of my Gojo soap dispenser is the GOJO FMX-12.

Search for it on Amazon like this – Gojo FMX-12 Soap refill.

Once you hit search, you will see a long list of recommended soap refills compatible with your Gojo soap dispenser.

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How To Refill Gojo Soap Dispenser

First, you need to open the soap dispenser underneath, push the lash upwards to reveal the refill replacement area, and then remove the empty refill to replace it with the new refill.

Many Gojo soap dispenses usually have this lash underneath it to open the dispenser, which is where our focus will be today.

It may sound easy, but it can be very complex if you haven’t done it before. Follow the step-by-step process below to refill your Gojo soap dispenser.

How to refill:

  1. Look underneath the Gojo soap dispenser to find a grey or black button.
  2. Push that button upwards.
  3. The dispenser cover will flip open automatically.
  4. Remove the emptied bag.
  5. Replace it with a new refill bag.
  6. Close the cover of the Gojo dispenser.

That is how to refill a Gojo soap dispenser successfully but if you happen to be using a Gojo dispenser that is automatic and no button or latch is found underneath the dispenser, check the next section below to resolve that.

How to Refill An Automatic Gojo Soap Dispenser?

Automatic Gojo soap dispensers can be treated differently in many areas because they are built differently and a more recent soap dispenser.

The button used to open an automatic Gojo soap dispenser is more difficult to locate by people new to it.

Two buttons are found on the sides of the dispenser used to eject the dispenser’s cover.

If you have an automatic soap dispenser, follow the instructions below to refill it.

How to refill an automatic soap dispenser:

  1. Look at both sides of the Gojo soap dispenser to find two buttons.
  2. Push those buttons together.
  3. Place your hand above the dispenser pull the cover towards you to reveal the refill area.
  4. Remove the emptied soap bag.
  5. Replace it with a new refill soap bag.
  6. Close the cover and start using it.

Will Any Soap Work With Gojo Soap Dispenser?

Many people like me are wondering if they can use any soap with their Gojo dispensers. The simple answer is no because Gojo soap dispenser refill bags are designed uniquely.

The refill bags are designed in a specific way that fits a certain type of dispenser. Any random soap won’t work with a Gojo soap dispenser because of the design of the refill bag.

The only way to possibly use any liquid soap with a Gojo dispenser is to find a way to replace the liquid soap inside a Gojo refill bag with any random liquid soap.

In reality, it’s not simple to add a random liquid soap into Gojo’s refill bag. You will need to purchase a new compatible refill liquid soap bag to use with your dispenser.

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