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How to Do a Butterfly Haircut

Hey there, folks!

Ever wondered how to achieve that stunning butterfly haircut? Well, look no further because I've got you covered. In this article, I'll guide you through the step-by-step process of creating this fabulous hairstyle.

From sectioning the hair to achieving perfectly balanced layers, blending, and adding those finishing touches, I'll spill all the secrets.

So, grab your tools and get ready to flutter with style!

Key Takeaways

  • Use high-quality tools and preparation techniques for better results and hair safety.
  • Section the hair properly to ensure a symmetrical and balanced cut.
  • Create the butterfly shape by sectioning off the top layer of hair and backcombing for volume and height.
  • Focus on blade angle and sectioning techniques to achieve perfectly balanced layers in a butterfly haircut.

Tools Needed for a Butterfly Haircut

To do a butterfly haircut, you'll need a comb, scissors, and hair clips. These are the essential tools that will help you achieve the perfect butterfly hairstyle.

The comb is necessary to section the hair and create clean lines. I recommend using a fine-toothed comb as it allows for better precision.

The scissors are crucial for cutting the hair. Make sure to use sharp, professional-grade scissors to ensure a clean and even cut.

Hair clips are essential to hold the sections of hair in place while you work on different areas.

When choosing your tools, it's important to consider their quality. Investing in high-quality tools will not only give you better results but also ensure the safety and health of your hair. Cheap scissors can cause split ends and damage the hair, while flimsy hair clips may not hold the hair securely, making it difficult to achieve the desired style.

Before starting the butterfly haircut, make sure your tools are clean and sanitized. This will prevent any potential infections or hair damage. Also, having all your tools ready and within reach will make the process smoother and more efficient.

Preparing the Hair for a Butterfly Haircut

First, make sure you've properly washed and dried your hair before starting the process. This will ensure that your hair is clean and free from any product buildup or dirt.

Here are some steps to follow in order to prepare your hair for a butterfly haircut:

  • Brush your hair thoroughly to remove any tangles or knots.
  • Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner or detangler to make your hair more manageable.
  • Section your hair into four parts using hair clips or hair ties. This will make it easier to work with and ensure a more precise cut.
  • Comb each section of hair to ensure it is smooth and tangle-free before beginning the haircut.

By following these steps, you will have a clean and well-prepared canvas to work with when giving yourself a butterfly haircut. Remember to take your time and be gentle with your hair to avoid any damage.

It's important to have a comfortable and intimate environment when taking care of your hair, so find a quiet space where you can focus and enjoy the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sectioning the Hair for a Butterfly Haircut

After brushing and applying a small amount of leave-in conditioner, I begin the process of sectioning my hair for the butterfly haircut. To achieve the perfect sections, I use either hair clips or hair ties.

First, I divide my hair into two equal halves by parting it down the middle from the forehead to the nape of the neck. I secure each half with a hair tie or clip to keep them separate.

Next, I further divide each half by creating a horizontal parting from ear to ear. This creates four sections in total - two on the top and two on the bottom. Again, I secure each section with a hair tie or clip to ensure they stay in place.

Now that my hair is neatly divided into four parts, I am ready to begin the butterfly haircut. This sectioning technique not only allows for ease of cutting but also ensures that the final result is symmetrical and balanced.

By following these steps, I am able to create a solid foundation for the butterfly haircut. The sectioning process is crucial as it sets the stage for the rest of the haircut. It allows for precision and control, making the overall styling process much smoother.

How to Create the Butterfly Shape in the Hair

When it comes to creating the butterfly shape in the hair, there are a few key techniques to keep in mind.

One common technique is to start by sectioning off the top layer of hair into two equal parts and then twisting each section to create a butterfly wing-like shape.

Another technique involves using a comb to backcomb the hair at the crown and then smoothing it down to create volume and height, resembling the wings of a butterfly.

In terms of tools needed for creating the butterfly shape, a good pair of hair cutting scissors is essential for precise cutting and shaping. Additionally, a comb with fine teeth can be useful for sectioning and parting the hair, while hair clips can help to keep sections in place as you work.

To style the butterfly shape, it's important to consider the overall look you want to achieve.

Adding some texture with a texturizing spray or sea salt spray can give the hair a more tousled, natural look.

For a sleeker finish, using a flat iron to straighten the hair and applying a smoothing serum can help to create a polished appearance.

Experimenting with different styling products and techniques can help you achieve the desired butterfly shape and overall look.

Technique for Butterfly Shape

To achieve the butterfly shape, start by combing the hair straight back. This technique is all about creating volume and height at the crown of the head. Here's how you can achieve it:

  • Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair.
  • Use a round brush to blow-dry the hair, lifting at the roots for added volume.
  • Once dry, section off the top layer of hair and clip it out of the way.
  • Tease the hair at the crown, gently backcombing to create height and fullness. Be sure to smooth the top layer over for a polished finish.

Tools Needed for Butterfly

You'll need a few tools to achieve the butterfly shape. Use a round brush and volumizing mousse. The round brush helps create volume and lift, while the mousse adds texture and hold.

Start by applying the mousse to your damp hair, focusing on the roots. Then, use the round brush to blow dry your hair, lifting the roots upwards to create height. As you dry, twist the brush inwards towards your head, working from the bottom layers to the top. This will help create the rounded shape of the butterfly.

Once your hair is dry, you can further enhance the shape by using a curling iron to add loose waves. Finish with a light hairspray for hold and you're ready to rock the butterfly look!

Styling Tips for Butterfly

For extra volume and lift, try using a volumizing mousse before blow drying your hair. It's a simple step that can make a big difference in achieving that perfect butterfly haircut.

Here are some styling tips to help you create the desired look:

  • Use a round brush while blow drying to add more body and movement to your hair.
  • Consider using a teasing comb to gently backcomb the crown area for additional height.
  • To create the signature butterfly shape, use a flat iron to create soft curls or waves towards the ends of your hair.
  • Finish off with a light hairspray to hold the style in place without weighing it down.

Techniques for Achieving Perfectly Balanced Layers in a Butterfly Haircut

When it comes to achieving perfectly balanced layers in a butterfly haircut, two key techniques to focus on are blade angle for layers and sectioning for evenness.

The blade angle for layers determines the angle at which the hair is cut, allowing for seamless blending and a smooth transition between the different layers.

Additionally, proper sectioning is crucial for ensuring evenness throughout the haircut, as it helps to create a consistent length and shape throughout the hair.

Blade Angle for Layers

To achieve the perfect layers in a butterfly haircut, try adjusting the blade angle for a more precise cut. By changing the angle at which the blade meets the hair, you can create seamless layers that blend beautifully.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the best results:

  • Hold the scissors at a slight angle, with the blade pointing towards the hair shaft.
  • Start cutting from the mid-lengths to the ends, working in small sections.
  • Use your fingers as a guide, holding the hair between your index and middle fingers, and move them down as you cut.
  • Keep the blade angle consistent throughout the haircut to ensure even layers.

Sectioning for Evenness

Now that we have discussed the importance of blade angle for creating layers in a butterfly haircut, let's move on to the next step: sectioning for evenness.

Sectioning is crucial to ensure that your haircut turns out balanced and symmetrical.

To begin, divide the hair into four sections: two front sections, and two back sections. Start by parting the hair down the middle from forehead to nape, creating two equal halves. Then, take a vertical parting from the top of the head to the ear on each side, dividing the front and back sections.

Clip away the sections you are not working on to keep them out of the way. This will allow you to focus on one section at a time, ensuring that each section is cut to the desired length. Remember to comb the hair thoroughly before beginning each section to remove any tangles or knots.

Tips for Blending the Layers in a Butterfly Haircut

You can achieve a seamless blend of layers in a butterfly haircut by using thinning shears and combing through the hair. Here are some tips to help you achieve a perfectly blended look:

  • Start with clean, dry hair: Make sure your hair is clean and completely dry before you begin. This will ensure that the layers blend smoothly and evenly.

  • Use thinning shears: Thinning shears are designed to remove bulk from the hair without leaving harsh lines. Use them to gradually blend the layers together, starting from the mid-lengths to the ends.

  • Comb through the hair: After using the thinning shears, comb through the hair to distribute the layers evenly. This will help create a natural, seamless blend.

  • Take your time: Blending the layers in a butterfly haircut requires patience and attention to detail. Take small sections of hair at a time and carefully blend them together. Don't rush the process, as it can lead to uneven results.

Adding Finishing Touches to a Butterfly Haircut

For a polished look, consider adding some final touches to your butterfly hairstyle. These little details can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your haircut.

One simple touch is to use a texturizing spray or pomade to add definition and volume to your layers. This will give your hair a more dynamic and dimensional look. Additionally, you can use a small amount of shine serum or oil to add a healthy sheen to your hair. This will make it look sleek and lustrous.

Another option is to accessorize your butterfly haircut with some decorative hairpins or clips. You can choose ones that match your outfit or go for a contrasting color to make a statement. These accessories can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your hairstyle.

To further enhance your butterfly haircut, consider adding some soft curls or waves. This will create a romantic and feminine look. You can achieve this by using a curling iron or hot rollers. Just remember to use a heat protectant spray before styling to prevent any damage to your hair.

Finally, don't forget about the importance of regular maintenance. Trim your hair every six to eight weeks to keep your butterfly haircut looking fresh and neat. This will also help to prevent split ends and maintain the shape of your haircut.

Maintaining and Styling a Butterfly Haircut

To maintain and style your butterfly hairstyle, it's important to keep up with regular trims to keep your hair looking fresh and prevent split ends. Here are some tips to help you maintain and style your butterfly haircut:

  • Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks: Regular trims are essential to maintain the shape and structure of your butterfly haircut. It helps to prevent the ends from becoming frayed and keeps your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

  • Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles: Avoid using harsh brushes or combs that can cause breakage or damage to your hair. Opt for a wide-toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles to gently detangle your hair without causing any harm.

  • Apply a heat protectant before styling: Heat can be damaging to your hair, so it's important to protect it before using any styling tools. Apply a heat protectant spray or serum to safeguard your hair from heat damage and maintain its health and shine.

  • Use a moisturizing hair mask once a week: To keep your butterfly haircut looking glossy and nourished, treat your hair to a moisturizing hair mask once a week. This will help to replenish moisture, repair any damage, and leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Get a Butterfly Haircut?

I usually get a butterfly haircut every 4-6 weeks. It helps maintain the shape and style while allowing for some growth. However, it ultimately depends on your hair's growth rate and personal preference.

Can I Achieve a Butterfly Haircut on My Own or Should I Go to a Professional?

I can achieve a butterfly haircut on my own, but it's best to go to a professional. They have the expertise and tools to create the perfect butterfly shape and ensure a flawless result.

What Hair Types Are Best Suited for a Butterfly Haircut?

Hair types that work well for a butterfly haircut are typically long and thick. The layers of the haircut create volume and movement, so it's best to have hair that can hold that shape.

Can I Customize the Butterfly Shape to Suit My Face Shape?

Yes, you can absolutely customize the butterfly shape to suit your face shape. It's all about finding the right angles and proportions that enhance your features and highlight your unique beauty.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Out a Butterfly Haircut if I Decide I Don't Like It?

It took a few months for my butterfly haircut to grow out when I didn't like it. I wore headbands and tried different hairstyles to help it blend in until it reached a length I was comfortable with.


After following the step-by-step guide and using the necessary tools, I've successfully achieved a stunning butterfly haircut.

The process of sectioning the hair and creating the butterfly shape was meticulous, but it resulted in perfectly balanced layers.

Blending the layers was a delicate task, but with a few tips, it turned out seamless.

Adding the finishing touches brought the haircut to life.

Now, with the right maintenance and styling techniques, I can enjoy my beautiful butterfly haircut for a long time to come.


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