How To Open A Gojo Soap Dispenser

How to open a Gojo soap dispenser

Gojo is one of the most famous brands to produce automatic hand soap dispensers worldwide, but many users have difficulty opening them. Opening a Gojo soap dispenser can be achieved with this simple step.

Look underneath the Gojo soap dispenser to find a grey latch close to the wall, and then push it upwards to open it.

There are many Gojo soap dispensers out in the world today, and many of them have their unique way that it is to be opened while being mounted on a wall.

In trying to open their soap dispenser, many people would use a screwdriver scratching every surface, or some people might push, pull or try many tricks which end up not doing anything.

Thankfully, Gojo made their soap dispensers very easy to open, and today I’ll be sharing the simple trick with you.


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How To Open Gojo Soap Dispenser

In the market, you will find different kinds of Gojo soap dispensers, and each of them can be opened in its unique way.

Primarily there are two types of soap dispensers they produce, which are:

  • Push-button soap dispensing.
  • Automatic soap dispensing.

Push-button soap dispensing – it is a type of soap dispenser by Gojo whereby you would have to push a button before the soap is dispensed.

With pushing the button on the Gojo soap dispenser, no soap0 will be dispensed because it was built to be used manually.

If you own a Gojo soap dispenser that uses a push-button, follow the instructions below to open it.

How to open Gojo push-style soap dispenser:

  1. Look underneath your Gojo soap dispenser.
  2. Find a grey latch close to the wall.
  3. Push the latch upwards
  4. Gojo soap dispenser will flip open immediately.

Automatic soap dispensing – The automatic soap dispenser by Gojo is their most recent product in the market, and the way it works is that it doesn’t require any button to be pushed.

It dispenses soap automatically the moment you put your hand underneath it, which is a lot more advanced than the push-button mechanism.

If you own a Gojo soap dispenser that works automatically, follow the instructs below to open it.

How to open Gojo automatic soap dispenser:

  1. Look for a button by the left side located at the top.
  2. Also, look for another button by the right side located at the top.
  3. Push the buttons with both of your fingers.
  4. Now, place your hand on the top of the dispenser and pull it towards you to open.

The buttons can be difficult to spot sometimes because Gojo didn’t leave any instructions on opening them.

For the sake of next time, you can mark those two buttons with a marker or pen so you can easily remember where the buttons are to open it.

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How To Open Gojo Soap Dispenser With Key

Gojo soap dispenser usually includes a detachable key inside their dispenser. Many users love removing this key away from the dispenser to make sure nobody has access to open it.

This key I’m talking about is plastic and can be added to many keys in your key holder you use daily. Once the key is detached from the dispenser, there’s no possible way of opening it. But, if you have the key with you, follow the instructions below to open it with it.

Here’s how:

  • Take out your Gojo key.
  • Slide the key in at the bottom of the dispenser.
  • Now, push the key upwards to open it.
  • Gojo soap will flip open automatically by itself when you press the key.

If you notice that your dispenser doesn’t have any port to insert a key underneath, you should check at the top of it to find a port.

If there’s no port to insert a key in underneath the dispenser, it means the port will have to be at the top.

How To Open Gojo Soap Dispenser Without Key

In a situation where you misplaced the key of your Gojo soap dispenser, and you need to change it, you would need to use the button instead.

The button can either be underneath the dispenser or by its sides. Once the button is clicked, it will automatically eject the cover of the soap dispenser to reveal your refill.

Here’s how:

  • Look for a button beneath or by the sides of the soap dispenser.
  • Push the button once you find it.
  • Immediately, the Gojo dispenser will eject automatically.

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How Do You Unlock A Gojo Soap Dispenser?

Gojo took their security level seriously regarding their soap dispensers. Once it gets locked, it becomes a challenge to unlock it.

Luckily, Gojo provides a simple way in their manual to achieve this.

To unlock your dojo soap dispenser, all you need to do is insert the plastic key back inside the dispenser, and then all the buttons will be unlocked.

The moment you remove or detach the key from the soap dispenser, all the buttons around it will be locked.

Final Thought

By now, I believe you have to know how to open the Gojo soap dispenser without any hassle. The few things you should keep in mind is that you can open the device from the top or button either with a key or a push button.

And when your Gojo soap dispenser is locked, all you need to do is reinsert the key right back to its place to unlock it.

I’d love to hear your thought.

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