How To Open Afia Ncl Soap Dispenser

The latest technology in hand care dispensers is provided by Afia’s Dispensers. They are designed to look good and perform well.

How do I know when it’s time to charge my soap dispensers?

A blue indicator light will light up when the pump is charging. A blue light shows that the pump is fully charged.

Remove the plastic bag from the soap dispensers to open them. The rubber tube that sticks out from the bottom is what the nozzle is made of. The plastic frame has a slot for the nozzle.

  • The soap can be opened by removing the plastic bag that holds the soap from the dispensers.
  • The rubber tube that sticks out from the bottom is what the nozzle is made of.
  • The latest hand care dispensers are from Afia’s.

They have a built in valve that can give out 0.6 mL per push.

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