How To Open Soft Soap Dispenser

You will be able to fill the dispenser once you do that. The pump should be put back into the housing after that. Follow the steps outlined above to refresh it.

How do I open the soap container?

How do you open the soap container? We have these in white and are not sure what to do with them. If you squeeze both sides at the same time and pull towards you, the dispensers will open up.

There are a few steps you can take to open a wall mounted soft soap dispensers. The plastic nozzle should be slid back into the soap dispensers once the backing is removed. You should hear a click after you put the nozzle back into the soap dispensers.

How do you use a foam bottle?

I use a bottle of foam. Shake it to mix the water and liquid soap and it will be ready.

This method may not work with all dispensers.

To remove excess soap, wipe the soap dispensers with the included wipe. You can put a straw into the dispensers if they do not have a pump.

How do you use a soap machine?

It is up to you to choose soap. Shake the container and put water and soap in it. You have some soap!

You should place the straw at the same level as the dispensers neck. It will help prevent soap bubbles from rising. The pump and plastic tubing are in the dispensers.

  • The included wipe can be used to remove excess soap from the soap dispensers.
  • Follow the steps outlined above to refresh it.
  • The pump needs to be put back in the housing.
  • The plastic nozzle can be slid back into the soap dispensers after the backing is removed.

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