What To Look For In Any Soap Dispenser

What To Look For In Any Soap Dispenser (1)

There are several soap dispensers, and knowing the right one to buy can be challenging. Choosing a suitable soap dispenser can save you more money and stress after long-term use, and choosing the wrong one can do just the opposite.

This article will help shed light on the suitable soap dispenser you should buy and the ones you should avoid.

How to pick a soap dispenser:

  1. Materials.
  2. Refills.
  3. Color.
  4. Size.
  5. Sensor.
  6. Soap Dispense Quantity.
  7. Placements.

1. Materials

There are many soap dispensers in the world, and many of them come in their material, and choosing the right material is necessary to suit your specific needs.

Not all materials are the same because some are stronger than others. Either way, any soap dispenser materials can be an advantage or disadvantage to you based on what you need them for.

Soap dispenser materials:

  • Plastic.
  • Stainless steel, brass, and bronze.
  • Glass and ceramic.


The plastic soap dispensers are the most affordable as they offer simple and effective use. It is not the strongest but that only matters in the quality of the plastic soap dispenser you choose to buy.

The plastic soap dispenser comes in different colors, but a white transparent color will be more common. Plastic materials are great around kids because it is less likely to be broken.

Stainless steel, brass, and bronze

Compared to other soap dispenser materials, Stainless steel, brass, and bronze are stronger and durable.

It also comes in different colors of your choice that you can pick from when purchasing. It is also great around kids because the materials are durable.

Glass and ceramic

The glass and ceramic soap dispensers are the most fragile because they are more likely to be broken when dropped on the floor.

It shouldn’t be around kids because of how fragile it is. It is also the most expensive soap dispenser material, but the price is justified by its beauty.

Many people choose to have this material as their preferred soap dispenser because of its looks and feel. Unfortunately, the colors in the market are limited, unlike the other materials.

2. Refills

All soap dispensers have it’s own specific refill that it is compatible with. You can’t just use any refill for a random soap dispenser because they need to be compatible with each other.

Soap dispenser refills are only compatible with liquid soap, but you have to note that all liquid soap is not the same.

Some liquid soaps are foamy, while others are just ordinary. So, when you are considering the soap dispenser to buy, make sure to know if the soap dispenser is compatible with either regular soap or a foaming soap

The quantity of the refills is also worth considering because you want a refill that would last longer before replacement. This means that the soap dispenser you choose to buy should be able to hold a large refill size so that it can last longer.

3. Color

Many soap dispensers come in different colors, and you have the option to pick your favorite color while purchasing.

Common soap dispenser colors are black, white, pink, brown, gold, silver, and many more. The color you pick should be to your preference, whereby you consider the color of the refill and if it will reflect or not.

If you are not a big fan of color, you can always pick a transparent soap dispenser that would always display the color of the liquid soap.

4. Size

The size of a soap dispenser is one of the most crucial things to watch out for when choosing a soap dispenser.

The size of the soap dispenser will determine how long the soap refill will last or not. A large soap dispenser will last you for a longer period, while a small soap dispenser will last you for a short period.

It depends on what you need it for and the location you have decided to place it.

I always prefer larger soap dispensers because they will take longer to finish, so I will have more time not to worry about replacing them.

5. Sensor

Sensors are very important to watch out for when looking for an automatic soap dispenser. The reason for this is that you always want to make sure that the soap dispenser is always responsive anytime you place your hand close to it.

You don’t want a soap dispenser that isn’t responsive anytime you require it to dispense soap when you place your hand close to it.

You want a soap dispenser that always responds perfectly when your hand is set in the right position underneath it.

A good automatic soap dispenser sensor dispenses the right amount of soap and hardly makes mistakes.

6. Soap Dispense Quantity

The primary function of a soap dispenser is to dispense soap unto the palm of a hand in batch. The batch can either be little or more in quantity which is important.

A soap dispenser in a busy environment should dispense small amounts to ensure it lasts long enough before replacements.

If a soap dispenser dispenses more than it should, the chance is that it will finish sooner than you expect, which would cause you more money because you need to replace the refill frequently.

The quantity a soap dispenser dispense is something you should consider because it will either save you money after long-term use or not.

7. Placements

It is always a good idea to consider the placements of soap dispensers before purchase. Not all soap dispensers can fit anywhere, especially when kids are around.

There are primarily two placements for a soap dispenser, which is either mounted on a wall or kept on a flat surface.

If you want a soap dispenser that can stay on a wall, then you need to purchase that kind of soap dispenser. And if you want a soap dispenser placed on a flat surface, you should purchase that specific kind either.

The soap dispenser can be used in a kitchen, toilet, or bathroom, and it can be either mounted on a wall or kept on a flat surface based on your preference.

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