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Hey there! I'm so excited to share with you all about Whatsupnails - the ultimate destination for nail art lovers. From stunning designs to top-notch products, Whatsupnails has got you covered.

Get ready to dive into the captivating history of Whatsupnails, discover the hottest nail art trends, and learn how to use their amazing products like a pro.

Plus, I'll be guiding you through an incredible nail art tutorial and sharing some expert tips for nail care.

So, let's get those nails looking fabulous - together!

Key Takeaways

  • Whatsupnails was founded by a group of nail enthusiasts and is committed to making nail art accessible to everyone.
  • They offer a wide range of nail art products including nail polishes, brushes, stickers, and nail jewelry.
  • Whatsupnails stays up-to-date with the latest nail art trends and collaborates with artists to provide innovative products.
  • They provide tutorials for beginners and experienced nail artists, offering step-by-step instructions for various designs and selling a range of nail art supplies.

History of Whatsupnails

Whatsupnails' history is rooted in the passion of its founders. As the founder of Whatsupnails, I am thrilled to share with you the journey that led to the creation of this incredible brand.

It all started with a deep love for nail art and a desire to bring unique and high-quality nail products to the market.

Back in the early 2010s, I was just a nail enthusiast experimenting with different nail designs and techniques. I would spend hours scrolling through online forums and watching tutorials, learning everything I could about nail art. It was during this time that I realized there was a lack of accessibility to the tools and products needed to create these stunning nail designs.

Driven by my passion, I teamed up with a group of like-minded individuals who shared the same love for nail art. Together, we embarked on a mission to fill this gap in the market and provide nail artists with the tools they needed to unleash their creativity. And so, Whatsupnails was born.

We started off small, sourcing the best quality nail art supplies and curating a collection that would cater to the diverse needs of nail art enthusiasts. Our focus was not just on providing products, but also on building a community where nail artists could come together, exchange ideas, and inspire one another.

Over the years, Whatsupnails has grown into a trusted brand in the nail art industry. We have expanded our product range to include everything from nail polishes to brushes, stickers, and even nail jewelry. Our commitment to quality and innovation has allowed us to become a go-to destination for nail artists around the world.

Today, Whatsupnails continues to thrive, driven by the same passion that fueled its inception. We are constantly exploring new trends, collaborating with artists, and working towards making nail art accessible to everyone. So whether you're a seasoned nail artist or just starting out, join us on this journey and let your creativity shine through your nails.

Top Nail Art Trends by Whatsupnails

If you're a fan of nail art, you'll want to know about the top trends right now.

As someone who is passionate about all things nails, I'm excited to share with you the latest and greatest from Whatsupnails. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, and their current nail art trends are no exception.

One of the top trends right now is holographic nails. Imagine a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors that change and shift as you move your fingers. With Whatsupnails' holographic nail powders and foils, you can achieve this stunning effect on your own nails. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or a bold, eye-catching holographic design, this trend is guaranteed to make a statement.

Another popular trend is negative space nail art. This style focuses on leaving parts of the nail bare, creating a unique and modern look. Whatsupnails offers a wide range of stencils and decals that make it easy to create intricate negative space designs. From geometric patterns to delicate flowers, the possibilities are endless.

If you're feeling bold and daring, you'll love the trend of chrome nails. This futuristic look is achieved by applying a special chrome powder to your nails, resulting in a mirror-like finish. Whatsupnails has a variety of stunning chrome powders in different colors, allowing you to create a truly unique and high-shine manicure.

Lastly, marble nails continue to be a favorite among nail art enthusiasts. With Whatsupnails' marble nail vinyls and water marbling kits, you can achieve a beautiful marble effect on your nails without the mess and hassle. The intricate patterns and swirls of color will instantly elevate your manicure.

How to Use Whatsupnails Products

When it comes to nail art, mastering the right techniques is crucial for creating stunning designs. In this discussion, I will delve into the world of nail art techniques and share my expertise on how to achieve professional-looking nails.

Along with that, I will also provide product application tips to ensure that you get the most out of your Whatsupnails products.

Nail Art Techniques

You can achieve stunning nail art designs by mastering different techniques.

One of my favorite techniques is the water marble method. It involves creating a marbled effect by dropping nail polish onto water and swirling it with a toothpick or a needle. The design is then transferred onto the nail by dipping it into the water.

Another technique I love is stamping. It allows you to create intricate designs by using a stamping plate and a stamper. Simply apply nail polish to the plate, scrape off the excess, and pick up the design with the stamper before transferring it onto the nail.

Lastly, I enjoy using nail vinyls to create crisp and clean patterns. Simply stick the vinyl onto your nail, apply polish over it, and peel it off to reveal a stunning design.

With these techniques, the possibilities are endless!

Product Application Tips

To achieve a flawless nail polish application, start by applying a base coat to protect your nails and create a smooth surface. This step is crucial in preventing your nails from becoming stained and also helps the polish adhere better.

Here are three additional tips to ensure a perfect application:

  1. Use thin coats: Applying thin coats of polish will help prevent streaks and allow for quicker drying time. It's better to apply two or three thin coats rather than one thick coat.

  2. Wait between coats: Give each coat of polish enough time to dry before applying the next one. This will prevent smudging and ensure a longer-lasting manicure.

  3. Seal the edges: After applying the polish, make sure to swipe the brush along the edges of your nails to seal them. This will help prevent chipping and make your manicure last even longer.

Whatsupnails Nail Art Tutorial

Check out Whatsupnails for an awesome nail art tutorial! I recently discovered this amazing website that has a plethora of nail art tutorials that are perfect for anyone looking to express their creativity on their fingertips. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned nail artist, Whatsupnails has something for everyone.

One of my favorite tutorials on Whatsupnails is the floral watercolor nail art tutorial. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and the end result is absolutely stunning. The tutorial begins by applying a base coat to protect the nails and create a smooth canvas for the design. Then, using a white nail polish as a base, delicate watercolor flowers are painted on using different shades of pastel colors. The result is a whimsical and ethereal design that is sure to turn heads.

Whatsupnails also offers tutorials for more intricate designs, such as geometric nail art and marble nail art. The tutorials are detailed and provide tips and tricks along the way to ensure that you achieve professional-looking results. I love how the tutorials include close-up shots of the nail art so you can see every brush stroke and detail.

In addition to the tutorials, Whatsupnails also sells a wide range of nail art supplies, including brushes, nail vinyls, and stamping plates. They even offer nail art kits for those who are just starting out and want to experiment with different techniques.

Overall, Whatsupnails is a fantastic resource for nail art enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for inspiration or want to learn new techniques, this website has it all. So, grab your favorite nail polish and get ready to unleash your inner artist with Whatsupnails!

Whatsupnails Nail Care Tips

Take a moment to learn some helpful nail care tips for keeping your nails healthy and strong. As someone who is passionate about nail care, I understand the importance of maintaining beautiful and strong nails. Here are three tips that I swear by:

  1. Keep your nails hydrated: Just like our skin needs moisturization, our nails also require hydration. I recommend using a good quality cuticle oil or nail moisturizer to keep your nails hydrated and prevent them from becoming brittle. Massage the oil onto your nails and cuticles every night before bed for best results.

  2. Avoid using your nails as tools: We've all been guilty of using our nails to open packages or scratch off stickers, but this can cause serious damage. Instead of using your nails, reach for a proper tool like a pair of scissors or a letter opener. By avoiding using your nails as tools, you can prevent them from chipping, breaking, or developing ridges.

  3. Protect your nails: Our nails are constantly exposed to various environmental factors that can weaken them. To protect your nails, always wear gloves when doing household chores or working with chemicals. Additionally, applying a clear base coat before applying nail polish can act as a protective barrier and prevent staining.

Best Sellers From Whatsupnails

After learning some valuable nail care tips from Whatsupnails, I couldn't help but explore their collection of best sellers. As someone who loves experimenting with different nail designs, I was thrilled to see the variety of products they offer.

Let me share with you some of their most popular items that caught my eye.

First on the list is their stunning collection of nail art brushes. From fine detailing to intricate designs, these brushes are every nail artist's dream. The bristles are soft, creating precise lines and allowing for effortless application. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these brushes will elevate your nail art game to new heights.

Next, Whatsupnails offers a range of gorgeous nail vinyls. These self-adhesive stencils come in various shapes and patterns, making it easy for anyone to achieve professional-looking nail designs at home. With these vinyls, you can create stunning geometric patterns, floral designs, or even fun animal prints. The possibilities are endless, and your nails will be the talk of the town.

But that's not all! Whatsupnails also has an impressive selection of high-quality nail polishes. From vibrant neons to elegant pastels, their polishes are long-lasting and chip-resistant, ensuring your manicure stays flawless for days. Plus, their extensive color range means you'll always find the perfect shade to match your mood or outfit.

As I scrolled through the Whatsupnails website, I couldn't help but feel inspired by the endless possibilities their best sellers offer. Whether you're a nail art enthusiast or someone looking to upgrade their manicure routine, Whatsupnails has got you covered. Trust me, once you try their products, you won't be able to resist the urge to get creative with your nails.

Where to Buy Whatsupnails Products

You can find a wide selection of Whatsupnails products at various online retailers. As someone who is passionate about nail art, I have spent countless hours exploring different platforms to find the best places to purchase these amazing products. Let me share with you my top three recommendations:

  1. Amazon: This online giant offers a vast array of Whatsupnails products, from stamping plates to nail vinyls. With Amazon Prime, you can enjoy fast shipping and hassle-free returns. Plus, their customer reviews provide valuable insights from fellow nail enthusiasts, helping you make informed decisions.

  2. Etsy: If you're looking for unique and handmade nail art supplies, Etsy is the place to go. Many talented artisans create and sell their own Whatsupnails-inspired designs, making it a haven for one-of-a-kind items. From beautiful water decals to mesmerizing holographic powders, you'll find a treasure trove of creativity on this platform.

  3. Whatsupnails Website: Of course, the best place to find Whatsupnails products is directly from their official website. Not only will you have access to their entire range, but you'll also benefit from exclusive deals and promotions. They often release limited edition collections and collaborations, ensuring that you stay ahead of the nail art trends.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned nail artist, these online retailers offer convenience, quality, and variety when it comes to Whatsupnails products. So go ahead and treat yourself to some new nail art goodies. Your nails deserve it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Whatsupnails Products Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Yes, they are! What's Up Nails products are cruelty-free and vegan. I love that they prioritize ethical and animal-friendly choices. It feels great knowing I can enjoy their products guilt-free.

Can I Use Whatsupnails Products if I Have Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it's important to be cautious about the products you use. Always do a patch test first and consult with a dermatologist if you're unsure.

Do Whatsupnails Products Ship Internationally?

Yes, Whatsupnails ships internationally. They offer a wide range of nail products, from polishes to decals, that can be delivered to customers all around the world.

How Long Does It Take for Whatsupnails Products to Dry?

When I'm applying nail polish, I always wonder how long it takes to dry. The drying time depends on the brand and formula. Some polishes dry within minutes, while others may take up to an hour.

What Is the Shelf Life of Whatsupnails Nail Polishes and Nail Art Accessories?

The shelf life of Whatsupnails nail polishes and nail art accessories is typically one to two years. However, it's important to store them properly and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures for optimal longevity.


As I reflect on the history of Whatsupnails and the incredible nail art trends they have brought to the world, I can't help but feel a sense of awe and inspiration.

Their products have revolutionized the way we express ourselves through our nails, allowing us to create stunning designs with ease.

From their informative tutorials to their helpful nail care tips, Whatsupnails has truly become a go-to brand for nail enthusiasts everywhere.

Their best-selling products are a testament to their dedication and expertise in the industry.

So why wait? Head over to their website and let your creativity soar with Whatsupnails!


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